Too Real To Be Fake By Naeem Kearney

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Love,Loyalty,& Betrayal on the rough streets of Newark New Jersey, Jamal aka Mally G” is the oldest of two, yet his best friend Jason aka” Jay have been like a second brother to him his entire life. After moving out of the projects their bond remains tight,even though they lived in different neighborhoods. With bloods and crips growing rapidly Jay joined the crips and tried to convince Mally G to join as well. While living in a blood neighborhood Mally G denied the offer while deciding to stay neutral. Mally G suddenly gets put into a situation he cant get out of, will Jay ever forgive him for making this decision or will a childhood bond be broken?
While going through the trails and tribulations, Mally G has a change of heart about staying in the game, He knows the only thing that comes with the game is death or jail. Will success ever come from theses streets or will he become a victim of society?

1 review for Too Real To Be Fake By Naeem Kearney

  1. kingbraize (verified owner)

    Amazing Book! Nonstop read I could not put this book down! Best book I’ve read in a long time!

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