Too Real

To be Fake!





Five shots rangoff POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! Every shot seemed louder than the next, as little Jamal stood there terrified that a stray bullet might accidentally hit him. He witnessed the entire incident and saw what caused the shooting, however he wasn’t too scared because he knew he wasn’t the intended target. Jamal’s dog sprinted away into the dark, shaken up by the loud thunder sound caused by the gunshots. Without thinking, he ran after his dog as if he never heard the shots fired. Amirrah, Jamal’s mother, let out a terrifying scream as she watched her son dash into danger. She stood there helplessly and prayed that a stray bullet wouldn’t hit her son. Her voice caught his attention in mid sprint and he froze in his tracks. Everyone else around Jamal was yelling, ducking, and running into the buildings trying to take cover.  Jamal turned around and started running back towards his mother, who was squatting down waving her hands, signaling for him to hurry up. As Jamal was running back, the shooter shot three more times and Jamal’s body flinched every time another shot rang off. The impact of the bullets sent Darnel’s body crashing into the ground, letting him and everyone else know that he was the intended target. Jamal fell into his mother’s lap as he watched in disbelief as Darnel’s lifeless body laid on the pavement.

Jamal always heard gun shots at night, and heard about people dying, but never witnessed how still a person’s body is moments after death. That day changed Jamal forever.

Jamal grew up around both men and knew them personally. The shooter was Travis. Travis looked exactly how the streets treated him. He looked rough, like the world never gave him a break, but he still had a soft spot in his heart for his daughter, India. India was Jamal’s first crush. The minute he laid eyes on her, he knew she was going to be his someday. The victim was Darnel, his best friend, Jason’s older brother. Darnel had it hard as well, but had love from his family that couldn’t be replaced.

All of them lived in Hayes Homes projects in Newark, New Jersey. Hayes Homes was a housing project that housed all different kinds of people. Jamal would always pass by the same strung out crack-heads begging for cash as he entered the bleak building after preschool. The building was uninviting and had nothing but a few weeds and tall grass to greet its occupants, but it was home for Jamal. Darnel and Jason lived in building #326, the same building where Jamal lived just two floors up. Travis grew up in the next building over, building #328.

Jamal was sitting in the living room, on an old green couch his mother purchased with vouchers from Salvation Army. The cushions were worn out from the previous owners and Jamal sank into the middle. He sat there thinking about what had just happened and all he could think about was how hurt his best friend, Jason, was going to be once he found out his older brother got killed. He knew Jason looked up to his brother and that finding out about his death would eat him alive. Jamal’s mind wondered as he reminisced on how Jason always looked up to his brother. He remembered the time Darnel caught Jason in his room sporting his jersey that fit Jason like an oversized dress while mimicking gang signs, which Jason knew nothing about at the time. Jamal silently chuckled to himself before his mother walked into the room.

“Why did Travis have to kill Darnel, why didn’t he just fight him?”  Jamal asked his mother.

His mother, Amirrah, knew she couldn’t give him a logical answer that he would understand at the age of five so she replied the only way she knew how, “I don’t know Mally. I really don’t know.”

Jamal being so young at the time, all he knew about death was once someone died they never came back. He looked at his mother with teary eyes and said, “Mommy, I don’t want to die.” She hugged him while rubbing his back.

“Don’t worry son you’re going to live to be 100 years old.” She softly whispered.

Life would never be the same after that day for Jamal; witnessing so much violence at such a young age left him traumatized. Seeing Darnel die took a piece of innocence away from Jamal that he would never get back. Life in the projects was rough for Amirrah and Jamal. Amirrah’s top priority was her family and she tried her best to make sure her son never went to bed hungry. She worked full time at Continental Airlines picking up heavy luggage to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.  She would drop Jamal off at school before she went to work, then he would go to his best friend, Jason’s, house after school until his mother came home from work at five o’clock.

After Darnel was murdered, there was nothing but chaos in Jason’s house. Jason’s mother relapsed and started getting high again off of crack cocaine. Jason and his little sister, Karen, would always be left home alone. When she was home, she was too busy with different men in and out of the apartment to pay the children any attention. Even though Jason was young himself, he felt the need to protect his sister. Amirrah worked so much she had no idea what was really going on, all she knew was she didn’t have the extra money for a babysitter and Jason’s mother would watch Jamal basically for free.

Jamal and Jason would always roam the projects unattended while the older guys would be selling drugs or playing dice. The drug addicts would be lurking around the projects in search of a scheme to make money to buy more drugs. In the projects, little boys rode bikes, played tops, flipped on old dirty mattresses, played chase, and threw rocks. While the little girls played with their click clacks, jumped rope, and made up steps.  Stolen cars would speed by or drive into the big field to put on a show by pulling up the emergency brake while turning the steering wheel and pressing the gas, causing the car to spin in circles while an audience watched on in awe. With all that action going on in the projects, all Jamal wanted to do was talk to the drug dealers and get a better understanding of life. They had all the fly clothes, nice jewelry, hot cars, and lots of money. It just didn’t make since how his mother worked so hard but had nothing.

By this time, Jamal was ten years old and his mother bought him clothes like Old Navy and Fila’s, but he wanted Guess jeans and Air Jordan’s like the drug dealers wore. His mother would always complain about bills when he asked her for money, but she never explained to him that she had to pay rent, PSE&G, her car note, insurance, and take care of him, herself, and his 2 year old brother, Amod, without any help. While looking at the game from the outside and watching his mother work long hard hours just to make enough to barely get by, choosing between the two wasn’t hard at all. Since a kid, Jamal knew he didn’t want to live the life of a working person. The image of being a drug dealer was so fascinating and his mind was made up as a child that that’s what he wanted to do.

Five years had passed since he witnessed Darnel’s death, and he went from being a curious little kid to a heartless little boy. He learned basically everything he knew from watching the streets and talking to drug dealers. His entire look on life had changed; his mentality was kill or be killed.

Being as though it was only Jamal, his little brother, Amod, and his mother living alone with the exception of a few strange men from time to time, Jamal never had anyone he could converse with to fill his void of curiosity. There were times when he attempted to have conversations with his mother and he would ask so many questions that she would get aggravated to the point that she would tell him to “shut the fuck up”.  As a kid, he didn’t understand how his mother felt after working long hours, then having to come home to clean and cook. All she wanted to do was relax and catch up on sleep.

He never liked when his mother was mad and began to just avoid asking her anything. When he began to isolate himself, Amirrah noticed it and would ask him why was he so quiet.  Jamal was just confused, but he found a way to fulfill some of the emptiness he was feeling at home while out in the streets. Most of his answers came from a drug dealer named Shice.

Shice was a young up and coming drug dealer who lived in his projects. He was well respected and was known for starting trouble. He earned the nickname Shiesty from getting cool with people until he knew enough information to rob them. He was loyal when it came to his friends but everybody else was a potential come up in his eyes.

One day Jamal asked Shice, “Why don’t you get mad when I ask you a lot of questions? Everybody else do.” To which Shice replied, “Niggas be on some fake shit! Real niggas understand and respect that the lil homies wanna know shit. The game was given to me by the old heads, so it’s only right that I give it to the youth. These niggas out here on some fake shit but I’m Too Real to Be Fake! You feel me lil man?”







Chapter 1: Out the projects


It was June of 1999; Jamal now was 16 years old. Him and his family moved out of the projects and were now residing in a subsidized unit on High Street in Newark, New Jersey. Jamal’s little brother, Amod was 8 years old and only lived in the projects for a short part of his life. He was too young at the time to understand, but Jamal did. To Jamal, the new townhouse felt like a baby mansion. They finally had a front and back door, a porch, and stairs in their house instead of the piss odor staircases in the projects. They also had a backyard with a sand box and swing, two bathrooms, their own rooms, and cable television. All the saving Amirrah did finally paid off and Jamal loved every bit of it.


“What’s good, Mally G?” Snub yelled to Jamal from a distance while walking towards him with his hand in the air.

Snub was one of the first people Jamal became cool with in his new neighborhood. Snub witnessed Jamal get into a conflict with kids from Prince Street projects at school and even though he was out numbered he didn’t show any signs of fear, or didn’t back down. Snub admired his heart so he came to Jamal’s aid and made sure he didn’t get jumped. They have been close friends ever since. Besides his best friend Jay, whom he barely sees, due to the distance of their houses, Snub is Jamal’s closest friend.

“What’s good with you my nigga?” Mally G replied before embracing his friend Snub with a handshake.

“Shit I just came from this lil bitch house on Spruce Street, would you believe that hoe got the nerve to say I gave her a STD.”

“Word!” Mally G said in between laughs while pointing at Snub. “I told you about fucking all them dirty ass bitches raw. You probably don’t even know who gave you that shit.”

“Yes I do, it was Meeka, Keeda, or Brandy. Shit it was probably her ass and she try’na blame me.” Snub paused, then looked up in the air while in deep thought before saying, “Oh yeah, it could of been Keena dirty ass too.” They both broke out into laughter as they walked into Mally G’s house.

“Mally G, what’s good? You try’na go to the skating rink tonight?” Snub asked.

“Hell yeah!  Shit from nine to one right?”

“Yeah and it’s gone be hella hoes in there.” Snub said while opening the refrigerator as if he was in his own house; he pulled out a pot and made himself a bowl of leftover spaghetti. Amirrah entered through the back door when Snub was almost done and frowned when she saw him eating.

“Jamal, no company!” She yelled as she dropped her purse and keys on the kitchen counter.

Snub jumped up without excusing himself and left out through the back door leaving his plate on the table. The minute the spring door slammed shut, she started drilling Mally G.

“Jamal, what in the hell did I tell you about bringing your lil dirty ass friends in here and letting them eat up all the damn food?  Now when it ain’t no food in here don’t come crying talking about you hungry! Where in the hell is your brother?”  She screamed.

“I think he’s still upstairs sleep.” Mally G answered with a low tone knowing his mother was mad at him.

“Wash them damn dishes!” Amirrah said before storming up the stairs. Mally G was in deep thought as he began to wash the dishes.

I’m tired of this shit! I gotta get the fuck out of here. Now she probably be on some bullshit and don’t let me go skating. Fuck that! I’m going, I ain’t beat. 

Ring, ring, ring! The sound of the house phone snapped him out of his trance.

“Jamal, get the phone!” Amirrah yelled from upstairs as Mally G was already heading towards it.


“Can I speak to Mally G?”

“Who this?”


“Jay, what’s good, bruh!” Mally G said excitingly, happy to hear from his best friend.

“Chilling man, I gotta get the fuck out this house though, my mother tripping.”

“Shit, my mother tripping too.”  Mally G said.

“Nah, I’m talking bout I think my mother started fucking with that shit again. She in this bitch cleaning shit that’s already clean and looking for change in the couches.”

“Damn, Jay. Where ya lil sister at?”

“Karen at my grandmother’s house.”

“Aight, well look I’ma see if my mother will let you spend the night over here.”

“Aight, go see right now and let me know what’s good.”

“Aight, just give me a few minutes cause she fake mad. I’ma hit you right back.”

After cleaning up, Mally G hesitated before walking up the stairs; he knew his mother was still mad at him.

“Mommy” he said in a soft tone while standing in her doorway.

“What boy?”

“I just got off the phone with Jay. He said his mother bugging off of drugs. Karen at their grandmother’s house, so can he spend the night? I’m finished with the dishes and I cleaned the stove too.”

“How he supposed to get here? I’m tired, I’ve been working all day and I’m not about to drive all the way down to Hyatt Court to get him.”

“So if he get a ride, can he stay the night?”

“Yeah, and the minute ya’ll get loud I’ma take his ass back home.”

“Aight, thanks mom!” He said joyfully before heading back downstairs.


Later on that day

Ding Dong…

“Jamal answer the door!” Amirrah yelled across the hall from her room. Mally G lifted up his window and stuck his head out to see who was ringing the doorbell. A huge smile appeared on his face when he saw his best friend.

“Jay, hold on I’m coming down.”

He ran down the stairs as fast as he could and opened the door. They embraced each other with a quick handshake and hug.

“Damn Jay, how you get here?” Mally G asked with a confused look.

Jay put on a devilish smile then pointed to a gray 1992 Acura Legend parked in the parking lot with cheap purple tinted windows.  He pulled a flat head screwdriver with a red base out of his pocket and wiggled it in his hand. Mally G smiled and then lightly pushed Jay’s shoulder before saying, “You ain’t got the wheel!”

“Nigga, you bugging. You know I’ll trunk you to a house.” Jay replied. They both started laughing before Mally G quickly changed the subject.

“Yo, we in the rink tonight!”  He said excitedly.

“Who all suppose to be going?”  Jay asked.

“I know Snub wanted to go. I’m saying now that we g-riding, it’s up to us. Matter of fact, lets walk around the corner and see if Snub and them out there.”

“Fuck walking, we riding baby.” Jay said while walking out the house with a huge smile.

When they pulled up to the corner of High and Spruce Street, where Snub, BG, Will, and Lil Mar Mar were all hanging out, they all surrounded the vehicle immediately. Snub approached the passenger side and asked, “Who g-ride is this?”

“Mine!” Jay replied while showing him the screwdriver.

“This block too hot to be sitting here talking, niggas try’na go to the rink or what?” Mally G said impatiently. Everybody immediately entered the vehicle except Snub.

“Snub, I thought you wanted to go. You coming or what?”  Mally G asked as Jay put the car into gear ready to leave him.

“Hold up, Jay!” Mally G snapped because he didn’t want to leave Snub.

“I’m saying I wanna go, but I don’t trust that lil nigga wheel, let me drive.” Snub replied.

Everyone in the car agreed, “Yeah, yeah. Let Snub drive.”

“This my car, ya’ll motherfuckers can get out and walk as far as I care.” Jay hollered.

Snub crossed his arms and didn’t budge. Moments later, two doors opened and BG, Will, and Mar Mar exited the vehicle on cue.

“Come on, Jay. Just let Snub drive this one time,” Mally G pleaded, wanting his friends to come.

“I’ma let him drive only on the strength of you, but I’m driving back. If niggas don’t trust my wheel they can walk back, fuck that!”

“Snub, come on!” Mally G yelled before Jay got out and got in the back seat.

“I’m letting you know now I’m driving back from the rink!” Jay said aggressively feeling like he just got punked by letting Snub drive. Snub ignored him and pulled off quickly causing the tires to burn out leaving tire tracks on the concrete.

When they pulled up to Branch Brook Park Skating Rink the line was all the way around the corner. Snub drove around the parking lot numerous times, yelling out names, trying to get the crowd’s attention while showing off the car as if he owned it.

“Damn! Park the car so we can get in line! And I’m driving back so give me my screw driver!”  Jay yelled getting aggravated.

As they approached the line Snub was greeted by some guys he knew from around the way and they let everyone squeeze in line with them.  Everybody behind them looked on in disgust from seeing them ditch the long line. When they got to the cashier window everybody pulled out money and paid to get in except Will.

“Yo, I ain’t got no money.”

“Why you gone wait all the way until we get in here to say you ain’t got no money. Ya fat ass better give me my money back too!” Snub said before he paid Will’s way in. When they entered the rink the music was blasting as Master P’s “Bout it Bout it” came through the speakers.

“If you bout it, then say you bout it bout it, bounce bounce bounce fool, if you bout it bout it…”

The rink was dim lit and packed as they entered in through the double doors. They walked straight to the back, passing the spot to rent skates, heading straight towards where the arcade games were located.

“Let’s make a bet.” Mally G said smiling while observing all the females in the crowd.

“I bet y’all I could get more numbers than y’all.”

“I got five dollars you can’t bag more bitches than me!” Snub said before pulling a crisp five-dollar bill out of his pocket.

“I’ll bet but we gone take turns starting with you Snub, we pick the chick and you bag her. Cause I ain’t bout to lose my money cause you bagged a whole lot of ugly bitches.” BG said before laughing, knowing Snub had bad taste. Everybody agreed to play the game and left the arcade to start walking around the rink.

Snub was 18 years old, but looked much older. He was real black with big dark lips and a baldhead. He was 5’11 in height, medium build, and dressed like he had lots of cash. He had an amazing mouthpiece when it came to talking to females. He was one of those ugly guys you’d see with a pretty female that made you wonder, “how did an ugly guy like that get her”.

Mally G was 16 years old, 5’7 in height, and weighed about 135 pounds. He was skinny but always wore oversized clothes. He had a brown skin complexion and considered himself handsome. He had little box braids that he always kept neat. There was something still innocent about him, despite growing up in the streets.  Mally G was a little shy, but had a lot of confidence in himself and had a slick mouth once he opened up.

BG was 16 years old as well, but looked much older. He was brown skinned with a lot of facial hair, giving him that grown man look. He was the same height as Mally G, but weighed slightly more than him. He had a lot of older females, which made girls his age a piece of cake when it came to bagging them.

Jay was also 16 years old. He and BG were around the same height and weight. He was light skinned and damn near looked Puerto Rican. He had no facial hair with the exception of a shadow of a mustache and a few strings on his chin, making him look even younger. He had 360 waves spinning on his head and was handsome enough to be a model. Jay was what you’d consider a pretty boy. He wore more fitted clothes than the rest and always matched his shirt with his kicks. He was a professional when it came to females and all the young girls loved him.

Will was 15 years old, fat, and sloppy with a little nappy Afro. He didn’t take care of himself. He was always ashy and had chapped lips. He didn’t have too many girls in his life, which made him try to wife every female that gave him a chance. He knew his game was in the basement and avoided pushing up on females.

Lil Mar Mar was 14 years old, but looked even younger.  He had long braids and a little innocent face. He was Snub’s little brother, but looked nothing like him. Snub made sure Lil Mar Mar stayed fly and kept money in his pockets. He knew all the young girls liked him but was too shy to make a move.

After making their way to the skate rink, everybody took their skates off and the rink became a dance floor. They had been playing their game to get numbers for about an hour. Jay was already in the lead with seven numbers. It was Snub’s turn and then Jay was next up again after him.

“Bag her!” Mar Mar said to his big brother while pointing to a cute red bone chick standing alone. She had light brown curly waves and nice pink full lips. Snub approached her with a smile on his face.

“How you doing sexy, what’s your name?”

“Candy” she replied.

“What you got that name cause you sweet or because you taste as good as you look?”  Snub said before licking his lips.

“Boy, you crazy.” She replied.

“You right, I’m crazy over you and its crazy how good you look. Real talk ma, I don’t even be doing this because I’m a little shy, but when I saw you I couldn’t help but try my luck and I hope I’m lucky. Please tell me I’m lucky.” Snub said while putting his hands together as if he were praying.

Once she started smiling he knew he had her. After about three minutes into the conversation, he was walking back towards them waving a piece of paper.

“That’s six numbers! It’s on you Jay and I’m picking her because they keep picking these easy bitches.”

As they walked through the crowd Snub yelled out, “Bag her!” while pointing to a pretty thick Puerto Rican girl with long straight hair walking with a Spanish guy holding hands.

“Get the fuck outta here, she with a nigga already!”  Jay said aggressively.

“You talk all that pimp pretty boy shit. Let me see where ya game really at.  She counts for five numbers if you bag her.”  Snub said trying to hype him up. Jay must have caught the battery because he walked off yelling, “I’m going for twelve!” while heading straight towards the couple by the back of the rink.

“Ma, can I talk to you for a couple of seconds?” Jay asked while staring the girl square in the eyes. He caught her off guard, but his cockiness and sex appeal made her blush unconsciously.  The Spanish guy with her was puzzled. He thought maybe his girl had known the guy, but once he realized what was going on, he became furious.

“Yo dawg, that’s my girl you talking to!” The guy muttered as his face became beat red.  Jay ignored him and continued his conversation as if the guy wasn’t even there. The instant she started laughing, her boyfriend couldn’t keep in his frustration. He swung a sloppy right hook that landed directly on Jay’s chin, causing him to stubble back before he caught his footing. Before he could recover, two more wild punches landed on his nose and forehead. Mally G noticed the scuffle and tried to run over to help, but Snub held him back and said, “Hold on, see if he can hold his own first.”

Jay was trying his hardest to gain control over the fight, but the Spanish guy was just too big and strong over him. After multiple blows to the face, Jay finally fell down onto one knee and before he knew it, the guy’s boot was flying towards his face. With no other options, Jay reached into his pocket and pulled out his screwdriver. In one motion, he pushed up off the floor and rushed towards the Spanish guy.  Jay stabbed him numerous times in the stomach causing him to fall to the floor in a fetal position. He was crouched over lying on the floor holding his stomach as Jay continued to stab him three more times in the back finishing him before running towards the exit.  When the lights came on, everybody frantically ran towards the exit after seeing the guy lying in a pool of blood.

All of them made it to the car around the same time and knew the police would definitely be arriving any minute.

“Let me drive just in case we get into a chase!” Snub asked as they approached the vehicle.

“Motherfucker, you could walk!” Jay snapped before entering the car. He pulled out the bloody screwdriver and sparked the engine to life. With no other choice, everyone entered the car. Jay pulled off fast without turning on the headlights as he heard the police sirens from a distance.

“Cut the fucking lights on!”  Snub barked from the back seat. Jay did as he was told and continued to drive missing the exit.

“Yo!  Yo!” Everyone screamed.

Jay pressed on the brakes, bringing the car to a halt before putting it in reverse.  As he was backing up, a cop car approached from behind and flashed their lights on them signaling to pull over. Jay’s heart immediately dropped when he saw the lights in the rearview mirror and he pulled off as quickly as he could as the tires screeched. The siren on top of the police vehicle came alive as they proceeded to chase after the fleeing vehicle.

“This is patrol car 973. We’re in pursuit of a gray four door Acura Legend, possible stolen and allegedly involved in a 187. We’re heading south bound down the 200 block of Norfolk Street, please send back up immediately.”

Luckily for Jay there wasn’t too much traffic. He drove down Norfolk Street, which turned into Irvine Turner Blvd doing about 70 miles per hour. Once he got into a more familiar area, Snub yelled out, “Go to the hood so we can jump out!”

Another cop car appeared in front of them as if it came out of nowhere. By this time, there were so many cop cars behind them it looked like a carnival full of lights when Jay looked into the rearview mirror. After seeing the stampede of cop cars behind them, he turned up 18th Avenue knowing he had to hit some corners to lose his tail.

Snub screamed out, “What the fuck you doing? Why you ain’t go towards the hood?  Make a right turn, right there!”

Jay made a right almost hitting a parked car by inches.

“Make another right!” Snub yelled.

Jay tried to turn, but the car was going too fast and broke down too late. Jay lost control of the car and they crashed head on into a light pole. The impact of the car hitting the light pole caused the airbags to burst hitting Jay and Mally G in the face. Both boys were dazed for a split second until they came into realization.

They jumped out and continued fleeing on foot. The police surrounded the area in an attempt to capture their suspects. Mally G and Jay ran down a narrow alley as a skinny Hispanic officer ran after them. A police vehicle cut directly in front of them as they entered the street and they appeared trapped. Mally G jumped over the hood of the car and Jay ran around the front. It seemed impossible to get away as cops swarmed in from all directions. Mally G jumped a fence leading into a backyard while Jay trailed right behind him.  A purebred red nose pit-bull came running out of a doghouse and its mouth just missed Jay’s foot by inches as he hurdled over another fence. The sight of the huge dog made the cop stop dead in his tracks, allowing them to get a nice stretch on the officers. After running for what seemed like an hour and jumped what seemed like one hundred gates, they realized they had lost their tail. They began to walk at a rapid pace, attempting to catch their breath.

“Yo, you think Snub and them got away?” Mally G asked in between breaths as he recalled everything that just occurred.

“I don’t know. I think I saw them grab Lil Mar Mar though. Shit got real hectic. I hope they got away.”

Moments later they made it back to High Street and saw BG and Will sitting in front of an old Catholic church. They both jumped up in excitement when they saw Mally G and Jay.

“How the fuck did ya fat ass get away?” Mally G asked after he walked up and embraced them with a handshake.

“My cousin, Menace, saw us running and gave us a ride. I thought we was about to get bagged.” BG answered before Will could utter a word.

“Do you think Snub and his lil brother got caught?” Will asked out of concern.

“I don’t know. Jay said he seen them grab Mar Mar, so nine times out of ten they got Snub too, I hope…”

“Oh shit!” BG said cutting Mally G off.

“There go Snub right there!”

He pointed to a person walking up the hill from a distance. Will squinted his eyes before nodding his head and agreeing.

“That is Snub!”

When Snub finally approached them his clothes were drenched and a foul odor escaped from his body.

“Damn! What the fuck is that smell?” Mally G asked while pulling the collar of his shirt over his nose.

“Man I was hiding in a dumpster for like an hour. I had to damn near swim to the bottom so they wouldn’t see me. But fuck all that! Jay I told ya no wheel having ass to let me drive. Now my lil brother locked da fuck up fucking wit ya bitch ass!”  He said approaching Jay with his fist clenched.

“If you wasn’t all up in my ear I wouldn’t have crashed!” Jay snarled back while clenching his fist as well.

Mally G jumped in between them before the situation escalated.

“Mally G, fuck that nigga. He ain’t from the hood!”  BG barked while walking towards them. Mally G realized a brawl was about to happen and pulled Jay behind him.

“Jay go in the house!” He yelled out while standing in front of Snub and BG so they couldn’t get to Jay.

Jay peeped that they was trying to jump him and didn’t want to put his best friend in a messed up predicament knowing he had to live around there so he complied and went into the house. He felt as though they had one up on him and this he would not forget.


Chapter 2:  Affiliations


One year later (2000)…

After Hayes Home projects was knocked down all the drug dealers migrated to different areas. Shiesty A.K.A Shice met a girl on Spruce Street and moved in with her. Little by little he started getting cool with the guys from out there until he made it his home. It has been almost ten years since he had been hanging on High and Spruce Street, now he’s plotting to take it over for good.

“Shice, what’s poppin big bruh!” Snub said before shaking Shice’s hand with his pinky and pointer finger out forming a five-point star.

“I’m bick backin. Try’na paint the city red. Have you seen Mally G lil ass?” Shice responded.

“Nah, why what’s good?” Snub asked looking confused.

“I’ma bring him home. I been wanted to turn him blood. I saw something in him ever since he was a lil nigga running around in the projects. I’ma leave it up to you to bring all the young gangsta’s home. I got the older niggas. In a minute, if you ain’t blood, niggas ain’t gonna be able to hustle out here. We family, so if you ain’t eating off our plate, you ain’t eating!”

“Trillz, I feel you big bruh.”  Snub replied.

“Just make sure you holla at Mally G for me.”  Shice stated.

“I got you, big bruh.”  Snub replied before peacing Shice and walking off. Snub went into his pocket, pulled out his cell phone, and scrolled through his contacts until he found Mally G’s number.

Ring, ring, ring…

“Snub, what’s good bruh?” Mally G said after answering his phone.

“I’m bick backin, where you at?”

“At this bitch house down on Astor Street, why wassup?”

“I need to talk to you about something real important.”

“Aight where you at?

“Just meet me in the townhouses on Quitman Street in five minutes.”

“Say no more.”  Mally G said before he hung up the phone and began walking up the street in deep thoughts.

What the fuck could Snub want to talk about that’s so important. I hope he ain’t get himself in no bullshit! Where the fuck this nigga at.

“Mal!” Snub stood up from behind a car waving Mally G over with his hands.

“Snub what’s good, what you gotta holla at me about?” Mally G asked curiously.

“Let’s go sit over there.” Snub replied while pointing to a wooden bench in a grassy area across the street. “Yo, I was just talking to Shice and he said he want you.”

Mally G frowned, “What you mean by ‘want me’?”

“He want me to turn you blood.”

Mally G quickly replied, “I fucks with Shice heavy. Shit, I use to look up to him in the projects, but I ain’t with that gang shit. Niggas gone respect me for me, not no damn gang. I don’t take nothing away from what y’all do, but that shit ain’t for me. I’m about green. No disrespect, but that red verses blue shit is stupid if you ask me.”

“Mally G, it ain’t what you think. Shit ain’t about no fucking red and blue!”  Snub said feeling a little bit offended by what Mally just said. “Mal, real talk. We a family and Shice try’na make the family stronger and eliminate the weak. We a street family and you know we all fuck with you heavy and certain niggas gotta go! How we look at it; it’s either niggas with us or you against us!”  Snub said with the most serious face Mally G have ever seen.

Mally G just shook his head from side to side before saying, “I don’t know what to tell you then.”

A red 1997 Honda Civic pulled into the townhouses as they continued to talk. Will and an unfamiliar looking guy exited the vehicle with a certain air about them wearing red bandannas on their heads.



Across town:

“Where you pushing to, Cuz?” One of Jay’s homies asked as he walked towards his car.

“I’m bout to shoot up the hill and scream at Mally G real fast.”

“You better stay on ya Stacey’s going up there around all them slobs.”

“I’m good Cuz, you know I stay on point!”  Jay said as he lifted his shirt revealing a chrome P89 Ruger.

“Cuz you sure you can trust Mally G? He fuck around and be slob himself.”

“Watch ya mouth Loc! Mally G my brother, if anything he rolling with us, not against us.”

“Aight Cuz, just cee safe.”

Jay drove off heading towards Mally G house. When he got close he picked up his phone and called him.

“Jay what’s good bruh?” Mally G said after he excused Snub and then answered his phone.

“Where you at?” Jay asked.

“I’m in the townhouses on Quitman, why what’s good? Jay…Jay…Hello.”

Before Mally G could finish his next sentence, Jay’s car was pulling into the townhouses. He pulled into a tight spot parked next to the CRX. When Jay got out of his vehicle, Snub, Will, and Str8 Lace all stared as if they had just seen a ghost.  Jay was wearing a navy blue t-shirt, light blue shorts, and navy blue Converse Chuck Taylors with thick purple laces.  Jay knew all the attention was on him and put on a Kool-Aid smile as he walked up and gave Mally G a quick handshake and hug. Mally G felt the negative vibe and said, “Bruh let me holla at you?” while walking back towards Jay’s car.

“Y’all be having brabs in y’all hood?” Str8 Lace asked aggressively and loud enough for everyone to hear. Jay kept smiling as he walked towards Mally G.

“Jay you brab now?” Snub asked while giving him a cold stare.

“Nah, I ain’t brab,” Jay said in between laughs.

“Then why you got all that flue shit on then?” Snub barked back getting furious at the sight of Jay still laughing.

“Cause I’m Crip, bitch!”  Jay snapped as the smile erased from his face and he drew his chrome P89 Ruger from his waistline and pointed it towards Snub’s face.

“Jay, fall back!”  Mally G yelled while stepping in front of Snub. A smile appeared back on Jay’s face as he lowered his gun and got into his car. Jay knew he made a stance and in that moment felt powerful.

“Mally G, I’ma scream at you, bruh.” Jay said. Then he turned back to Snub and said, “Ill see you in traffic Cuz.” Then pulled off.

“A Will, bum here blood!” Str8 Lace yelled before he got into his car. Will walked over to his CRX and got into the passenger seat while Snub and Mally G stood there arguing about what had just took place.

“Yo, Mally G, you can’t have that brab nigga coming in our hood. We can’t go in their hood, plus they our enemies.”

“First of all, I could go in any hood I want and that’s my best friend. That’s the reason I ain’t with that dumb gang shit.”

“Well this a blood hood and the next time he come through here he’s getting his food ate. So if you care about that nigga, let him know he ain’t welcome around here.”

“Man that’s my best friend and I ain’t with…” Mally G was interrupted by the sound of a gun cocking back. He found himself looking down the barrel of a gold-plated 44 automatic. “What the fuck you doing?” Mally G yelled harshly with a blank expression on his face.

“Just give me all ya money.”

“Word!  You gone really rob me?” Mally G asked, not believing what was taking place.

“I don’t want to do this to you. Just give me ya money and make it easy on both of us.”

Mally G threw his money on the ground and walked away. He felt numb and all kinds of emotions ran through his body. What just took place would take a long time before it registered in his mind and became real. A close friend had betrayed him. At this point, he had no one he could trust except his best friend, Jay. The numb feeling quickly subsided and turned into rage. The only thing on his mind now was revenge.


Meanwhile Across Town:

As Jay pulled into the parking lot of Hyatt Court, he noticed his little sister, Karen, sitting in a burgundy Ford Mustang with chrome rims with a guy who looked old enough to be their father. Jay was only one year older than Karen, but was always over protective being as though he was the only male figure in her life.

Karen was 15 years old, but was built like she was every bit of 25. She was light skinned with that same Puerto Rican look Jay had. She had long natural silky hair that reached down to the middle of her back and bounced as she walked. Karen already had fully developed breast that sat up perfect and an ass that could catch any man’s attention. Karen learned from an early age what being attractive could get her, despite Jay looking out for her.

Jay’s blood rushed to his head at the sight of his little sister being taken advantage of. His eyes were blood shot red as he slammed his car door and walked towards the Mustang. He extracted his gun from his waist and busted out the window using the butt of the gun.  The unexpected interruption caused the guy to jump out of his skin. Before he could even realize what was going on, Jay was pulling him out of the car through the freshly broken window, busting his face the same way he broke the glass. Jay pounded his face repeatedly with the butt of the gun. Smack! Smack!  Smack!  Smack! Blood was splashing from everywhere. Karen attempted to grab Jay from behind trying to stop him.

“Jay, stop! Please…please…stop!” Karen yelled hysterically in between sobs. When he finally stopped, the guy was unconscious and lying in a puddle of blood.

“What the fuck you doing with this grown ass man?” Jay snapped while turning his focus on his little sister. Karen was crying so hard that Jay couldn’t figure out a word she was trying to say.

“Stop fucking crying and answer my fucking question before I kill this motherfucker!” Jay barked while pointing the gun at the guy’s head. The fact that she was crying over the guy only made Jay madder.

“I was just try’na tell you that’s Unique’s father!  He was just dropping me off!” She bawled as tears ran down her face.

Jay felt stupid after he realized what he had just done. Unique was Karen’s best friend. Karen had spent the night over Unique’s house and her father was just dropping her off home.

“Damn Karen, my fault.” He said with a puzzled look on his face not knowing what else to say.  Karen just stood there crying uncontrollably.

“Karen come on, we have to get outta here.” Jay said while walking towards his car.

“What about Unique’s father?”

“By the time he wakes up, he won’t remember shit. If anybody ask, he dropped you off and you went upstairs. You ain’t see shit and you don’t know shit.  Now go in the house. I’ll be up there in a minute.” Jay said as he got into his car. His phone began to ring as soon as he started the ignition. He looked at his phone and saw it was Mally G.

“Mally G, what’s good bruh? Hold on Mally G, slow down, you said what…Word! That nigga robbed you… I thought that was ya man… I told you don’t trust them niggas! Aight, I’ma be at your house in a minute. Aight one.”



Chapter 3: Who Can I Trust?


Mally G was laying in his bed in deep thought.

“I’ma kill this nigga when I catch him, niggas letting that gang shit get to their heads. I don’t believe this shit. That nigga know he ain’t built like that.”

His thoughts were cut short by the sound of the doorbell and his phone ringing simultaneously. He knew it was Jay and ran down stairs to open the door. Soon as he opened the door he noticed that Jay had blood all over his shirt.

“Jay, what happened?”

“I did some straight bullshit.” Jay said in between laughs. He opened up the screen door and walked in, threw his stuff on the glass kitchen table, and took a seat before breaking down the entire story as if he had an audience.

“Damn that’s crazy!” Mally G said while shaking his head back and forth appalled by what he had just heard.

“Anyway, what’s good with that bitch ass nigga that robbed you? What you try’na do about it?” Jay exclaimed.

“Man you already know he gotta go!” Mally G replied with a devious look on his face.

“Say no more.”  Jay said before he pulled out two twin P89 Ruger’s and handed one to Mally G.

“I know where that nigga live at too!” Mally G said excitingly before he hurled to his feet.

“Is them real guns ya’ll got?” Amod, Mally G’s little brother, asked excitedly as he walked into the kitchen still wearing his pajamas.

“No, they BB guns.” Mally G responded as he tucked the gun as fast as he could. Jay followed suit.

“Jason, did you kill somebody with that BB gun, why all that blood on ya shirt?” Amod asked as if his innocence slowly dissipated.

“No, Amod, he shot a bird! Now take ya lil bad ass back up stairs and stop asking so many questions”. Mally G uttered as he thought back on all the questions he use to ask as a kid.

“Can you teach me how to shoot one day?”

“Yeah, Amod, now go upstairs!” Mally G said a little aggressive to show Amod he’s not playing.

After Amod walked off Jay said, “Now where you said that nigga live at?”

“Right around the corner in Brick Towers.”

Brick Towers was two tall brick buildings located on High Street a few feet up from Spruce Street. Mostly everybody from High and Spruce Street was cool with the guys from Brick Towers because they all went to the same elementary school and grew up with each other.

“Aight, we gone walk cause I don’t want nobody to see my car. Let’s get out of here before ya bad ass brother come back down stairs.”

“Aight!” Mally G agreed.

It was around midnight and the streets were vacant with the exception of a few cars riding by, drug addicts walking around, and dim street lights flickering on and off.

“Mally G, you think you ready for this?” Jay asked while looking Mally G directly in his eyes as they were walking.

“Nigga, I was born ready!” Mally G said confidently while looking Jay straight back in the eyes. Mally G’s confidence arose from the anger he was still feeling from what had gone down and no one was going to change his mind about getting revenge.

“When we done, you gotta wear a blue or purple flag for sixty days, aight?” Jay said.

A frown appeared on Mally G’s face after hearing that statement.

“What the fuck I’m doing that for? I ain’t joining no gang if that’s what you think.”

“Mally G, you already know we’ve been best friends since we were born. I love you like my real brother. I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction. This Crip shit is my family now. You know I lost my brother to the streets and my mother getting high. I’ve never met my father, my grandmother just died, and the rest of my family doesn’t exist in my eyes.  Besides you and Karen, my Crip family is all I got. ”

“Jay, if I turn Crip or not, you’ll always be family. Plus, I live on High Street around all Bloods. What I look like turning Crip?”

“Man, fuck them slobs! You ain’t gotta live here. You could come down the net with me.  If you hang around fake niggas long enough that fake shit going to rub off on you, or they going to cross you again. The same niggas you called ya friends robbed you. What type of shit is that! This Crip life is about loyalty, we more like a family than a gang.”

“Jay, real talk, the last thing I’m worried about is them niggas crossing me. I’m Too Real to Be Fake, so their fakeness rubbing off on me is out too! I’m just not limiting my life, I want to be able to go in Crip and Blood hoods whenever I want without having to worry about no dumb shit. How I look at it, anybody could get it! Motherfuckers gone respect me for me, not no red or blue flag. If a Blood cross you, I’ma bust his ass! If a Crip cross you, I’ma bust his ass! If I fuck with you, I fuck with you, that’s just how I am. If you a real nigga, I can fuck with you. If not, then stay the fuck from around me! If it was a gang that dealt with realness I’ll consider it but that Blood vs Crip shit don’t sit right with me.”

Jay smiled, “Mally G, that’s why I love you. We need more real niggas like you in this world.”

They both broke out into laughter as they walked up concrete steps leading to Will’s building. Once they got to his door Mally G knocked while Jay waited on the side. Moments later the door opened up and Will’s mother came out with a silk cap wrapped around her head and a young baby in her arms.

“Is Will home?”  Mally G asked as if everything was normal.

“No baby, he didn’t come home yet.” Will’s mother answered in a soft voice.

“Do you know if he staying the night out or not?”

“No baby, why is everything alright? Do you need me to give him a message for you?” she asked sounding a bit worried.

“Yeah, tell him…” Mally G was looking for the right words to say before Jay cut him off.

“Yeah, tell him death looking for him.” Jay declared with no signs of emotions. Will’s mother had a startled look on her face as the two boys walked away.

When they left from in front of Will’s door they staked out in the staircase, patiently waiting for him to come home. After about five hours of waiting, they realized that their stake out was a dud and decided to leave.  Jay took Mally G to get a casket of weed from Little Bricks, dropped him off, and headed home leaving one of his P89’s behind.

As soon as Jay pulled off, Mally G realized that he didn’t have a Dutch Master to roll his weed in.

“Damn, I don’t feel like walking to the store.” He thought as he began to walk.

As he was walking, he heard a familiar voice call out his name from behind. His heart skipped a beat as he realized whom the voice belonged to. He turned around and saw Will coming out of the building jogging towards him. As Will got closer, without hesitation, Mally G reached into his pocket and pulled out the P89 and aimed directly at Will’s forehead before squeezing the trigger. POW! The dynamic force caused his hand to jerk back making the bullet miss Will’s head by inches. Will fell to the ground as if he got hit, terrified as he started pleading his case.

“Mally G, please don’t kill me!  Let me explain what happened!”

“What the fuck could you possibly explain? You robbed me, you bitch ass nigga!” Mally G spat as he put the tip of the gun to Will’s forehead as if nothing else in the world mattered.

“Mally G, you know I would have never robbed you, but Str8 Lace made me! He got real high status and he told me to rob you or else I was food. He said he felt some type of way because you brought a brab in our hood and let him pull out a gun on us. I told him you didn’t mean for that to happen, but he wouldn’t listen. Then when you and Snub started arguing he said you don’t respect Blood so it’s either I rob you or I’m food. If I become food they will kill me. I went to your house a couple of times last night to give you your money back, but you weren’t home.  I’ve been up all night stressing over that shit. I feel like a piece of shit. I feel like I betrayed you. I’m sorry, bruh! You know I would never cross you!”

Tears fell down his face as he extended his arm out trying to hand Mally G a knot of crinkled up money. “It’s all there.” Will said after Mally G lowered the gun and took the money.

“Will, I almost killed you over some bullshit. Str8 face or whatever the fuck his name is gotta go!  We basically grew up together. How you gone let a nigga you barely know get in between us. Nigga we’ve been friends since we were kids, that gang shit fucking shit up!” Mally G exclaimed as his heart was still racing.

Will just sat there in silence as Mally G’s words touched a soft spot.


The Next Day:

Exhausted from the day before, Mally G slept most of the day away. It was 4:00pm and he was still lying in the bed.

“Wake up you lil bitch ass nigga!” was all he heard before he opened his eyes to a pistol pointing directly at his face.


At Snub’s House:

Boom, boom, Boom, boom, Boom, boom!

“Damn! Why the fuck you banging on my door like that? I thought you was the fucking police!” Snub said after he opened the door and saw Will standing there shaking. “What the fuck happened, why you shaking?”

“Me and BG was standing by the chicken shack and some dude with a mask on tried to rob us. BG had that 44 on him so he tried to reach for it, then the dude shot him up.”

“What! Is he good?” Snub asked with a curious look on his face.

Will’s voice was trembling, “I don’t know. He was alive when the ambulance came, but he got hit like seven times, in the stomach and everything.”

“Where the fuck was you at when he was getting shot?”

“I was right there next to him. The nigga still robbed me after he shot him.”

“What the fuck is that on your pants? You pissed on yourself?” Snub asked as he glared.

“Nah, I had to piss bad as hell. I thought I was pissing in the bushes, but that shit was dripping on my pants.” Will muttered.

“Do BG mother know he got shot?” Snub asked getting back to the topic.

“Yeah, she was there before the ambulance. I don’t know how she found out though.”

“Aight, go home and change ya pants, then meet me in the hood. I’m bout to call the homies so we can have a meeting.”

“Aight, I’ma meet you in the hood.” Will said before leaving.


Back at Mally G’s  House:

The sight of the gun made Mally G jump, he quickly pulled a P89 from under his stripped blue covers and pointed it at Jay’s stomach.

“Cause I’m sleep, don’t mean I’m sleeping.” Mally G said before he got up to embrace his friend.

“How the fuck you get in here?”

“You know my boo gave me a key.” Jay said jokingly

“Yeah, aight.” Mally G said in between laughs.

“Nah my lil homie Amod let me in. He keep asking to see my gun.” Jay said in between laughs.

Jay went in his pocket, pulled out a knot of money and threw it on Mally G’s bed.

“What’s that for?” Mally G asked while looking confused.

“That’s your money back. I caught Will and them slipping earlier. I done fucked around and had to shoot that motherfucker.”

“You shot Will?” Mally G asked.

“Nah, I shot BG. I would’ve shot Will too, but I know you wanna handle that yourself being as though he robbed you.”

“What happened, how you wind up shooting BG?” Mally G asked calmly trying to mask his interest.

“When I was robbing them that motherfucker tried to reach. I bet he won’t reach again!  Will bitch ass pissed on himself as soon as the first shot rang off. That shit was funny as hell. You better hope it ain’t no piss on that money.”  Jay managed to say in between laughs. “Mally G, you can have that P89. Look what BG was reaching for.” Jay said as he pulled out a chrome gold plated 44 automatic and started dancing like a little kid with a big bag of candy.

“Let me see?” Mally G asked before analyzing the gun.

“What’s fucking with this the same gun Will robbed me with. Yo, did BG die after you shot him?”  Mally G asked out of concern.

“Damn, you act like you care about them niggas! Them niggas robbed you, fuck them niggas! If he dead that’s good. He won’t be able to cross you again.  Fuck them niggas!” Jay spat getting amped up.

“Damn, calm down nigga.”

Mally G knew Jay had personal grudges with Snub and them and didn’t even bother to explain the reason why Will robbed him or the fact that BG had nothing to do with it. He knew how Jay was. Once he disliked something it was hard to convince him otherwise. Jay never forgave them for trying to jump him the day Mar Mar was arrested and the fact that they’re Blood only added to the hate. Jay didn’t understand that Mally G had been living on High Street for seven years and being around them for so long made him grow love for them as well.

“You right, fuck’em.” Mally G said to avoid an argument.

“Bruh, you think your mother a let me stay here for a couple of weeks?” Jay asked.

“I don’t know. Why you ask that?”  Mally G asked with a puzzled look.

“When I went home this morning Karen said the cops came by looking for me over ol’ boy I pistol whipped. I don’t know how the fuck they know I did that shit. I think Karen might’ve told somebody. She said that she ain’t say nothing but I don’t believe her.”

“So, what you plan on doing now?” Mally G asked.

“Nigga, you could call me NORE until they catch me, Nigga On the Run Eating.” Jay said as he flashed a knot of money.

“Aight, check this out. Go and pack ya shit and bring it over. I’m not gone tell my mother cause she might be on some bullshit. She work at night so she’ll never know you staying here. It’ll look like you just came over bout time she come home from work. We just gotta keep it from my lil brother. Amod lil ass talk to damn much.”

“Aight, I’m about to go grab my shit right now. I’ll be right back.” Jay said before he shook Mally G’s hand and left.

After Jay was gone Mally G laid in his bed and went into deep thought.

Damn, shit about to be crazy! Why did Jay have to get involved with that gang shit? If niggas bring that bullshit to my house, I’ma have no choice but to go all out.  I hope Snub could keep shit peaceful until Jay find another spot to live. Nah, Snub on some bullshit too. This ain’t gone work. What if that nigga Str8 Lace give another call? I gotta kill that nigga. Fuck that!  Matter of fact, I’ma holla at Shice. I know he can control them cause he brought that Blood shit out here. Yeah, he a give Jay a pass. He watched us grow up! Well hopefully…”

His mother’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Jamal!” Amirrah yelled from her room.

“Huh, Ma!”

“I need you to go to the store and get me a Philly and some cereal for your brother in the morning.”

“Aight, I already got a du…” He caught himself before saying, “Dutch”. He didn’t think his mother knew he smoked.

“Oh, you already got a Dutch, huh! You ain’t gotta hide nothing from me, Jamal. I been knew you smoked. I found that ashtray under your dresser when I was cleaning up and I smelled reefer when I was going to the bathroom one night.”

Mally G felt relieved after hearing his mother respond so cool.

“Look Jamal,” she said as she approached his room “I don’t mind you smoking reefer as long as you stay in school and don’t get caught up with all that bullshit in the streets. You probably think I worked my whole life cause I changed before you were born, but I was in the streets when I was younger too. Back in my days, everything was different though. We had gangs too. I was in the Lolly Pop gang. We use to beef with the Avenues.  We had fun though, we wasn’t about killing each other back then. You could fight somebody and chill with him or her the very next day. Y’all wanna kill each other as soon as somebody loses a fight. Jamal, just make sure you’re careful out there and remember all you have is your family at the end of the day. Your friends ain’t your friends Jamal. I had to learn the hard way, learn from my mistakes. Before your father got his life sentence all his so-called friends was acting like they were there for him. Now I get letters from him telling me how everybody shitted on him and how he wish he put his family first when he was free. It’s sad but there’s no love in these streets. But look, go get that Dutch. I had a hard day at work today. I gotta smoke.”

After Mally G came back with the Dutch his mother asked him if he wanted to smoke. To his surprise Amirrah pulled out a bag of Hydro.

“Ma, what you know about Dro?” Mally G said in between laughs.

“Boy, I told you I was in the streets before you was thought about. Here boy, roll up cause them Dutch’s be falling apart. That‘s why I mess with my Philly’s.” Amirrah said as she handed him the marijuana.

After they smoked, they talked for a couple of hours before Mally G realized Jay never came back.

“Aight Ma, I’ma talk to you later. I gotta see what’s taking Jay so long to come back.”

He went into his room to get his cell phone and called Jay’s phone. The answer machine picked up on the first ring prompting him to call the house phone.

“Hello.” A female answered after the third ring.

“Who this?” Mally G asked puzzled.

“You don’t call nobody house saying ‘who this’. Who you?” she snapped.

“This Mally G.  Where Jay at?”

“Oh hey Mally, this Karen. Jay got locked up like an hour ago.”

“What he get locked up for?” Mally G asked not wanting to believe what he just heard.

“They locked him up for a gun and for beating my friend’s father up. I feel so bad. It’s all my fault. Unique promised me she wasn’t gone tell nobody and she lied. How much time he gone get?” She asked as she began to cry.

“Karen, I don’t know. Hopefully not much.”

“Mally, he got another gun in his draw; a big silver one and some drugs. If you could, can you come and get this stuff before my mother find it and wind up selling the gun and doing the drugs?”

“Aight, put everything in a bag. I’m on my way right now.”


Chapter 4: Mally Rises


The next day:

Mally G was still in a distorted state of mind. He just didn’t want to accept the fact that his best friend was incarcerated. He made plans to sell the drugs he got from Karen and get Jay the best lawyer he could find.

As Mally G was walking to the Chinese store on High street and Clinton Avenue he saw Shice, Snub, Menace, and Will sitting on crates in front of the Riviera Hotel from a distance. As he got closer, a guy with a black hood over his head exited a gray Cherokee sport that was double parked in the street. Shice and the others were so deep into their conversation that they didn’t acknowledge the masked man until it was too late. The guy drew a Tec Nine from under his sweat hood that was hanging from a shoestring tied around his neck.

“Don’t nobody move!” the guy commanded. “Put your hands against the wall!” He yelled while waving the gun motioning for them to put their hands on the Riviera Hotel’s brick wall.

Mally G ducked behind a car while pulling out his P89. He crept from car to car getting closer and closer to the encounter. Moments later, he found himself two inches behind the gunman. The guy was so occupied in searching their pockets he didn’t notice Mally G walking up on him. He placed the barrel of his P89 against the guy’s hood and squeezed a bullet directly into his skull. After the guy collapsed, Mally G walked over the man’s lifeless body and let off 16 more shots into his head, causing his brain to splash all over the concrete. He squeezed the trigger 5 more times after the gun was already empty, causing the gun to click as the hammer was stuck back. It felt as though some of the stress he felt was released. He’d been curious along time about how taking a person’s life felt and after experiencing it, he realized it made him feel powerful. He didn’t feel a bit of guilt or let it linger on his conscious. It felt so natural and for a moment Mally G felt a sense of pride.

Mally G walked off without saying a word to Shice or the others. The fact that he didn’t run or act worried made them view him very differently. They realized he was ruthless.

Moments later, the scene was blocked off with the familiar yellow caution tape from the corner of Muhammad Ali Avenue and High Street to the corner of Clinton Avenue.  A crowd of nosey neighbors crowded around the crime scene trying to find out what happened and the homicide detectives showed little emotion as they did the same. The body was barely covered with a white sheet and the ambulance left just as fast as they came. Shice and the others were standing on the opposite side of the street watching the scene as they were talking quietly about what they had just witnessed.

“That’s crazy.” Snub said laughing while looking up the street. The rest of their eyes went in the direction Snub was looking and they saw Mally G walking down from the top of High Street.  He had changed his clothes and put a baseball cap over his short dread locks. He walked into the crowd and started asking questions as if he was a nosey neighbor himself. Although there was speculation, nobody knew what happened and that’s all he was concerned about.

“Mally G, come here!” Snub yelled from across the street while waving his hand motioning for him to come. When Mally G approached them, he shook all of their hands before Shice said, “Yo, you shot the fuck out!”

“Why you say that?” Mally G asked with an innocent look on his face.

“That’s exactly why I like ya little ass.” Shice said in between laughter.

“Snub told me he spoke to you about joining the family and about that bullshit Str8Lace did. So I spoke to Str8Lace and he ain’t know you was my lil man. You ain’t gotta worry about no shit like that happening again. Mal, you know niggas fuck with you heavy and we gone ride with you regardless. You need to fuck with the team.”

“Shice, I’m saying I already fuck with y’all, but I’m not into that red versus blue shit. You already know me and Jay been best friends for as long as I could remember. I’ll feel fake if I cross Jay like that, plus the only color I’m about is that green.”

“I feel you lil bruh. What you do to keep ya stomach full? ” Shice asked.

“I got a few grams of crack I’m try’na get rid of now, but I don’t have no certain hustle. Whatever brings in money I’m with it.”

“Aight look, being as though you put work in for the hood, you got the green light to pump that crack and when you finish holla at me when you ready to flip. You gone be the only neutral nigga out here with ya own shit as long as you copping weight from me, you better take advantage. I know how you feel about Jay so I’m not gone pressure you into turning blood but you have to keep him out our hood if you know what’s best for him.” Shice said.

Little did Shice know, Mally G had intentions on selling his crack regardless, but the green light made everything much better.

“Jay got bagged the other day so you don’t have to worry about him for now. But what’s good with BG? Is he good?” Mally asked.

“Oh, he good. It’s gone take a little time for him to heal.”

Snub said knowing BG was lucky for surviving seven shots at close range.

“Did y’all ever find out who did that shit?”

“Nah, the nigga was masked up and Will was so busy pissing on himself he ain’t see where the nigga ran to.” Snub said before everyone started laughing except Will.

“Fuck you, nigga!  I ain’t piss on myself.”

“Motherfuckers must think y’all soft up here cause nigga’s just keep try’na rob y’all. They know not to come on Astor Street with that shit.” Menace stated.

“Nigga, you better look across the street.” Shice said while nodding his head towards the crime scene. “Nigga’s ain’t gone be try’na rob us no more, especially now that we got our new Tec Nines that nigga over there donated.” Snub added with a smile.

“Yo, let’s go to Studio Seven and get a couple drinks. All these cops that’s pulling up is starting to creep me out.” Shice said before walking off as everybody followed his lead.


“What you drinking on lil nigga?”  Shice asked Mally G as they took seats around the crowded bar.

“I don’t really fuck with liquor like that. Where the weed at?”

“I can’t fuck with the Bali. I’m still on parole.”

“Oh, aight. Fuck it. I’ll drink with you big bruh. Get me whatever you drinking.” Mally G said as he scooted in his seat and nodded towards the bartender.

“Ya lil ass gone be twisted, I fuck with the murda juice. Mami, give me two cups of Bacardi 151 with coke.  No! The big red cups!” Shice yelled at the bartender as he saw her reaching towards small clear cups.

When the bartender put Mally G second cup in front of him, he was already wasted from the first. He walked over to the karaoke machine by the back of the bar and inserted his money trying to keep his composure. Three females walked into the bar as he was looking for a song to play. “Ma, come here!” He said as he motioned for one of the girls to come to him.

“Who me?” One of the females said before looking over both of her shoulders while pointing to her chest.

“Yeah you.” He said while nodding his head up and down.

“What’s your name, cutie?” Mally G asked when she approached him.

“My name is Zakia, but everybody calls me ZaZa. What’s your name?” she replied in a gentle voice.

“Jamal, but everybody call me Mally G.” He spoke while smiling and looking into her eyes. “I called you over here so you could pick the song we gone have our first dance to.”

“How you know if I wanna dance with you?” ZaZa said in a soft and sweet voice.

“Cause I know you.” Mally G winked.

“Where you know me from?” She asked with an expression full of confusion.

“I got a time machine. You my future wife.”  Mally G said with a grin.

“Boy, you crazy. Put on Real Love by Mary J. Blige, that jawn go hard.” ZaZa said before all of her friends came over and one handed her a cranberry and vodka.

“Where y’all from?”

“We from Philly, but my friend, Tammy, lives in East Orange now.” ZaZa answered.

“What got y’all around here then?”  Mally G asked.

“Tammy works at the Rite Aid across the street. This was her idea to come in here.”

“Which one is Tammy? I gotta buy her a drink for bringing you in my life.” Mally G said before a bright smile appeared across his face.

“Boy, you is crazy.” ZaZa said in between laughs while pointing to the girl that gave her the drink. Mally G brought all of them drinks before him and ZaZa started to dance. He was drunk and the liquor made her look extra exotic along with the fact that she could dance.

ZaZa was beyond gorgeous. She was 5’6, just a little shorter than Mally G and about 130 pounds. She was slim, but thick in all the right places accentuating her nice plump butt with a mean cuff. She had a hand full of breast that sat up perfect, long straight hair that came a little below her shoulders, and a caramel complexion that glowed off of her body. She had chinky eyes that accented her bright smile with dimples, and nice juicy lips with gloss on them making them look even more luscious.  ZaZa’s looks hypnotized Mally G.

She was slowly grinding her soft plump butt on his manhood. Her body fragrance drove him crazy. She was so soft and smelled like she just got out of the shower seconds ago. He had his hands on her hips dancing along as he spoke to her in her ear.

“Where you going when you leave here?”

“I’m staying at Tammy’s house tonight. So, I guess I’m going there.”

“You might as well stay with me tonight.”

“I just met you. Boy, you really crazy.” She uttered as she pushed her butt harder against his jeans.

He turned her around until they were face to face and he could feel her breath against his lips. “Look ma, I know we just met but the vibe I get from you it seems like I knew you forever. Trust me, I won’t hurt you and I’ll never make you do something you don’t want to do. My night been so good so far, but it would be perfect if I could end it with you. Don’t look at me as a stranger; look at me as a friend you just met. This is the beginning of our friendship and hopefully in the future you will be mine. Sometimes you have to take risks in life. I promise you, you won’t regret it.” He said with his best innocent look.

“My gut feeling telling me I could trust you. It’s something about you. Where you live at?”

“I live around the corner on High Street.”

“Aight, if anything my home girl gone drop us off so she could know where I’m staying and don’t think we having sex either cause I don’t get down like that.” She stated as she slightly backed away to give him a stern look.

“That’s not a problem. I just wanna end my night with you. You sleeping in the same bed while I hold you is enough to turn my good night great, and waking up to your pretty face is a bonus.” He assured her.

“Aight, I’ll be right back.” She said as she walked off towards her friends.

Mally G knew once he got her in his house that getting her to have sex would be the easy part. He had a way with words when it came to convincing females to have sex with him. He was a pro at one-night stands. He never really been in an official relationship, but dealt with many females in his life. He considered himself a Mac and never wanted to settle down, but lately he was realizing that being a Mac meant being lonely. Having sex with a female is one thing, but being emotionally attached was something he had never had before. He felt as though he had not found the right one yet, but he had a feeling he would find her soon. He was curious about finding out what all the talk about being in love was really about. Za Za definitely was wifey potential, Mally G didn’t know if she really looked that good to him or if the liquor was playing tricks on him.


Tammy’s green Toyota Celica came to a halt in front of Mally G’s house before him and ZaZa exited.

“ZaZa, make sure you call me as soon as you wake up and don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do.”  Tammy yelled as they walked towards Mally G’s house.

“Shut up girl. Y’all be safe driving home. Love y’all!” ZaZa yelled.

“Love you too! Mally G take care of my sister.” Tammy said while pulling off.

“She in good hands. Don’t worry!” Mally G yelled back.

Once they walked in the house, they went straight up the stairs to his room while trying to keep quiet. Mally G sat on the bed while ZaZa stood there looking at the pictures he had on his wall. He had a collage of pictures of himself, his little brother, and his friends taped on his wall. He had a lot of solo pictures he took on special occasions when he went out.

“Let me get this picture? You look so cute right here.” ZaZa said while pointing to a picture of him standing outside that was taken last Easter.

“If I give you that picture, it’s gone mess up my whole set up. I got you. I’ma give you a different picture. And what you mean I’m cute in that picture? I’m cute in all my pictures.” He said jokingly as he laid back and kicked off his shoes.

“Before I get comfortable, do you want something to drink or eat?”

“No, I’m okay but thank you anyway.” ZaZa replied politely. Once she finished looking at his pictures, she kicked off her black sneakers with silver laces and laid down next to him on the bed. They started watching television, and then Mally G went off into deep thought.

Damn, this bitch bad. I hope she ain’t on no bullshit cause I’m drunk as hell.”  He thought as he felt the liquor taking a toll on him, as his eyes were getting heavier. “Hell no!  Let me get up before I blow my night by falling asleep.”

He leaned over clasping his hand around her neck and kissed her softly on the lips to see how she would react. ZaZa started kissing him back enticing him. He got on top of her taking control of the situation. The taste of alcohol on her breath made him feel as though he had a better chance. He went from her lips up to her ear breathing harder as he kissed her earlobes making her body shiver. He knew she was getting horny by her body language, but he wanted to get her to the max before he went in for the kill. After about five more minutes of kissing her delicately and pushing up against her warm body, he tried to unfasten her belt buckle. She put her hand over his and stopped him.

“No, baby we can’t.”

“Why, what’s wrong?” Mally G asked in a whining tone.

“Cause we just met today. I have respect for myself, I’m not like that.”

“Damn girl you don’t know how you got me feeling right now. You got me horny as hell.”

“I’m sorry. I ain’t mean to tease you. I just love kissing and since my last relationship, I haven’t had nobody to kiss. It been so long I’m sorry.” She replied as though she knew she disappointed him.

After Mally G sat in silence for a moment he leaned back on top of her and began kissing her again now that he knew kissing was her weakness. His motive was to get her horny until she couldn’t resist it anymore. He started off kissing her on the lips softly as she kissed him back. He rubbed his stiff dick against her pussy as he passionately kissed her, causing her body to shiver once again. He started kissing down her neck as he lifted her shirt up exposing her perfect breast. He unfastened her bra and began to lick all around her erect nipples. Then, he began flicking his tongue up and down her nipples, causing her to squirm as light moans escaped her mouth. In his mind, he knew she was too horny to turn back so he reached for her belt buckle again. Just as the first time, she put her hand over his stopping him again.

“I can’t.” she said in a low tone knowing she wanted to.

“Come on baby, you know you want it just as bad as me.”

“You right. I do want it just as bad as you but I can’t, we just met.”

“So you saying if we knew each other longer it would have been different?”

“Of course.”

“What? You think if we have sex tonight, I’ma get the pussy and try to play you after that?”

“I don’t know and that’s what scares me. I don’t wanna be used. I don’t want to give myself to you and wind up hurting myself in the long run. Also, as a woman I have morals. I still can’t believe I came over here with you. I just can’t see myself having sex with a guy I only knew for a few hours. It’s not you it’s me.”

Mally G looked into her eyes before saying.

“ZaZa, I already have respect for you. I’m one hundred percent sure I got you horny as hell and you didn’t give in. I respect you for having control of your hormones. Now I know once you’re mine another nigga can’t get you horny and take advantage of you. ZaZa, you do something special to me, chills ran through my body when we were kissing. It’s something about you that make me feel like this is where I belong. But let me explain something to you. I could act like I want a relationship with you for a few months, but my main intention could be just to have sex with you.  Then, by the time we have sex, you’ll have more feelings for me and you would be crushed when you find out my real intentions. So knowing a person for a few months don’t mean you really know them. Just know, if we have sex tonight or if we don’t, you gonna see that I’ma be the same nigga tomorrow. And let’s just say if I was to be on some bullshit and try to play you, which I won’t, you won’t be so hurt cause your feelings wasn’t involved.  I’m really feeling you; don’t look at it as you’re giving it up on the first night, look at it as the beginning of our future. I know you’re not a hoe and you know it too so let’s not base our actions on morals that don’t mean a damn thing! ZaZa, you good, just trust me, I won’t let you down.” Mally G said before he unfastened her belt.

Once he got her zipper down, he knew the door to heaven was open, but he didn’t rush in.  He took her shirt off and tossed it on the floor, then took his off and did the same. He started kissing her softly on her lips, then worked his way down to her breast, licking around her nipples, teasing her before placing one in his mouth while sucking it gently. She lightly moaned, as her pussy got wetter making her panties moist.

“Come on Mally, I’m ready. I want you inside of me.”  ZaZa moaned before removing the remainder of her clothes. He stripped down naked with the exception of his socks and put on a Magnum condom he pulled out of his back pocket. She laid on her back, then he climbed on top of her. She opened her legs wider, and then wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt his manhood entering her wet pussy.

“Go slow, okay…” She flinched as his head slowly entered. She put her hand on his stomach to stop him from going in too fast.

“Damn this shit tight and wet as hell. This too good to be true,” Mally G thought to himself.

“Ahhhh!!”  ZaZa moaned while lightly biting her bottom lip as he put the full length into her. He held his upper body up in a push up position while sliding in and out of her in a slow pace. He couldn’t believe how firm her pussy was around his dick. After a few minutes he picked up his pace while her moans grew louder and louder.

“Uhhhh! Uhhhh!  Ahhhh! Mal…aally!!!” she whimpered. After a few minutes he lifted her legs up, then pushed them back as far as they could go and began to long stroke her. She held her breath every time he pushed in, feeling his dick pushing against her walls going in her stomach. Her juices were dripping down her crack making her asshole and the sheets soaked. Her pussy started making a slurping sound as juices escaped.

Damn this shit wet as hell!” Mally G thought after feeling the wetness on his pubic hairs.

He picked up his pace as she began moaning louder now from painful pleasure. “Uhhh!  Maa…all…ally! Ahhhh! Don’t stop…Please!” He started pumping faster. “Uh!  Uh! Uh!  Uh! Uhhhh!!! Please don’t stop baby!!! Please don’t stop!! Ohhh!”

She moaned out as he kissed her earlobes and whispered, “You know you almost made me miss this.”   He started pumping harder and faster.

“Uh!  Uh! I’m sorry, oh my God!! I’m sorry!” She cried as he pounded her pussy. “Ohh!!  Oh!  I’m cumming!!” She shouted before she threw her head back. Suddenly her body stiffened. She wrapped her legs around him stopping him from pumping. “Oohh!” Her whole body vibrated as her juices over flowed leaving a puddle on the sheets. He couldn’t believe how wet she was.

“Turn over.” He said breathing heavily. Seconds later he had her on her hands and knees. He got off the bed and stood up behind her while she arched her back leaving her ass tooted in the air. He leaned down and kissed her on her lower back an inch above her butt, causing chills to run up her spine. He entered her slowly from behind. She began to moan as soon as he entered her.

“Uhhh…Uhhh!  Ahhh!” Her moans grew louder as he picked up the pace. “Ahhh… Aaaahhhhh… Ohhh!” Her butt lightly jiggled each time their bodies met. He realized she was a squirter when her body tensed and her vagina started spitting like a super soaker. “Ahhh… Ahhh… Uhh baby! Please nut baby, ohhh! I can’t take no more!” she moaned. As he was pumping, he wrapped his arms around her legs and lifted her in the air leaving only her hands on the bed. Now he had full control over her body. He squeezed his dick muscles and began pumping harder and faster, guiding her body into his trying to get himself to nut. Sweat was dripping down his face as she continued to moan loud enough to wake up the dead. “Uhhh… Uhhh…  Uhh!! Ohh…my…god! Oh! Oh! Oh…Mally! Ohhhh! I’m bout to nut again! Ohhhh!” She yelled as her pussy tightened around his erection.  He pushed into her as far as he could as they both orgasmed simultaneously.  Both of them weakened as chills ran through their bodies.  He threw her on the bed and she was still moaning as if he was still in her.  “Uhhh…Uhh…Uhhh!” She moaned before silencing.

He put on his boxers and went in the bathroom to flush the condom and clean him self up. He was still a little drunk as he looked in the mirror and spoke to himself in a low tone. “Nigga, you beat that pussy up, you a beast.” He looked down at his dick and said, “You know how to get the job done…my nigga.” then chuckled before exiting the bathroom.


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